5 Must-have Work Wear Shirts In 2021
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5 Must-have Workwear Shirts In 2021

The trends and lifestyle rules are constantly changing and evolving. The hard-hitting Covid-19 and reopening of the workspace are now finding its new norms in every aspect.  

COVID gives us a fascinating insight into “Less is More” yet again. This means those rules should apply in all the sectors of our lifestyle, shopping attitude, workwear clothing choices down to our casual wardrobe. Environmental safety should be on the priority list. Some lifestyle changes can make a difference by changing a few habits of being a consumer to a nature-friendly being.

Women Protective Shirts
Women Protective Shirts

This article helps you realize that you only need five types of Shirts that cover your workwear clothing issues. Also, you will be able to shed the extra mass of clothing out of your closet to let it breathe and extend it to the people who need them as charity. Doesn’t it sound like a relief already?

Your Work Define Your Workwear

The nature of your work indeed defines your workwear type and style. But here we are going a step ahead as we are talking about changing the criteria of selection of workwear which is also environmentally beneficial. Let me share a few ways that will guide you to adopt worthwhile concepts of contributing to the safety of the earth. It will fulfill your workplace outlook requirement and indirectly help the planet heal as many people like you started to give it a thought. It is called a sustainable way of living.

Dry Brown linen jeans
Dry Brown linen jeans

Don’t be confused; it will take a little time and thought to adopt these simple ideas. After that, you become an environment-friendly being whose actions are making the world a better place. So recycle, conserve and exchange complete a whole circle of sustainable living. Since we are talking from the perspective of workwear clothing and making the right choices around it, we will stick to it. Still, you can apply all these rules in other aspects of your life to become the best of you. 

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Recycle Your Workwear 

You must buy and wear shirts made of organic material. Firstly, they are made from processes that are harmless to nature. Second, they are suitable for your skin as there are no chemicals used to make dyeing processes. Recycling does not mean that you cut your clothes and make them into another piece of clothing. You can buy another and pass it to someone who could not afford to have them. 

Recycle Your Clothing
Recycle Your Clothing

Conserve Your Workwear 

Conserving apparel that you wear at work mainly refers to the idea of a thoughtful or capsule wardrobe. If you use a set of shirts for one season and are your favorites which you are not ready to give away as yet, put them in storage after washing and drying properly. When you take them out next year, they will feel new to you for sure. 

Exchange Your Workwear 

Exchanging workwear or even your regular or party clothes will become the next trend in coming years. The idea is to coincide with the conservation and recycling of clothes. The key is to standardize the washing and laundry part only. But if you think at the core of it, it is better to exchange what you don’t need than either keep it in an unused pile or throw it away. 

Clothes Swapping
Clothes Swapping

Now I give you the five shirt style ideas to cover your summer/winter closet of workwear shirts. They fit into your work business routine without compromising style, and comfort is a must when you go organic with the fabric choice. 

A Types Of Shirts For A Type Of Work

When we talk about the workwear shirts choices, we immediately categorize the level of formality or casual nature of the meeting or job. So here I am giving you combinations and options you can choose from, knowing they need work and the presentation required through your workwear apparel.

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Formal Shirt

Corporate, business, front desk office employees, and employers should have a formal shirt for both men and women to wear. You can use it as a regular workwear shirt or in combination with casual to traditional workwear. A jacket or blazer adds more formality when you need it.

Women's Formal Shirt
Women’s Formal Shirt
Men's Formal Shirt
Men’s Formal Shirt

Casual Shirt 

Casual shirts are a gem of choice for business runners and semi-formal job employees. It also goes well with the people who work in media, creative Industry, teaching, etc. But the promise with the casual shirt provides comfort 24/7. 

Men's Casual Shirt
Men’s Casual Shirt
Women's Casual Shirt
Women’s Casual Shirt

Epaulette Shirt

Epaulette is an exciting style of workwear shirt. The design variation and options make it stand on the borderline of casual to formal outlook. Usually, it works well for the people who work in the formal uniforms and customized hospitality or manufacturing industry. But it can be a style statement if you wear it out of the workplace.

Men's Epaulette Shirt Design
Men’s Epaulette Shirt Design
Women's Epaulette Shirt Design
Women’s Epaulette Shirt Design

Henley Shirt

Henley shirts are the best choice for both genders working in the public and development sector. Since they often interact with people and conduct social experiments. They look dressed up enough but not suited to overwhelm the other person with the formal persona.

Henley Shirt Design For Women
Henley Shirt Design For Women
Henley Shirt Design for Men
Henley Shirt Design for Men

Polo T-shirt

Polo Shirts are an organic choice of all times for workwear. For people who are either engaged in informal workspaces or absolute casual and creative work, Polo shirts set their outlook with a style and ease. The corporate sector can pick it up when there is lunch with colleagues. Artists simply get it custom printed to show their creativity and art to the world.

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Polo T-Shirt Design For Women
Polo T-Shirt Design For Women

Thought Of Today

We are a part of the capitalist world, where consumer behavior threatens nature’s health. All of us need to reconsider our behavior and lifestyle. We should adopt the idea of green or sustainable living, in which reuse, recycle and conserve is the motto. Your decision to buy a simple shirt can make a difference.

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