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Custom Printed Activewear

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Custom activewear represents specially tailored athletic clothing crafted to individual preferences or specific brand needs. These garments, like custom made activewear or activewear designed online, blend comfort, functionality, and style for enhanced performance and personal expression.

Why Wear Custom Activewear?

Tailored Performance: Design your own activewear for an optimized fit, allowing unrestricted movement and comfort during workouts.

Personalized Expression: Custom activewear lets you personalize your style or brand identity, standing out in the gym or during exercises.

Motivation and Confidence: Crafted-to-order activewear can serve as a motivational tool, boosting confidence and enthusiasm during physical activities.

Different Printing Techniques

Sublimation Printing: Ideal for activewear design, this technique ensures vibrant and lasting designs, seamlessly infused into the fabric.

Screen Printing: Offers durability and versatility, perfect for bold designs or logos on activewear hoodies, tees, or leggings.

Heat Transfer Printing: Suitable for intricate designs, allowing detailed printing onto transfer paper applied to activewear using heat.

Custom Made Activewear Styles and Options Available

Activewear Range: Explore a diverse range—from performance tees to leggings and active hoodies—catering to various workout preferences.

Material Variety: Choose moisture-wicking fabrics or breathable blends, prioritizing comfort and functionality during workouts.

Design Flexibility: Whether bold logos or motivational quotes, custom activewear design options are limitless, enabling personal or brand creativity.

Perks of Custom Activewear

Enhanced Performance: Tailored activewear ensures optimal performance, offering flexibility and comfort during exercises or workouts.

Distinctive Identity: Stand out in the gym or outdoors with personalized activewear, conveying individuality or promoting a brand effectively.

Motivation and Confidence Boost: Custom activewear can motivate, instill confidence during workouts and foster a positive mindset.

Custom activewear is a fusion of functionality, style, and personalization. Try various printing techniques, style selections, and design options to elevate performance, express individuality, or promote a brand effectively. Order now!

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Choose your fit

Select the perfect fit for your active lifestyle whether it's a snug, compression feel or a relaxed, breathable fit, find your ideal match for ultimate comfort during workouts.

Choose your style

Explore a spectrum of styles from sleek and modern designs to classic, timeless looks—customizing your active wear to match your personal taste and workout vibe effortlessly.

Tops & Hoodies

Discover a range of tops and hoodies designed for performance—whether it's moisture-wicking tees or insulated hoodies, gear up with comfort and style.

Pants & Shorts

Find your stride with our collection of pants and shorts—whether it's flexible leggings or durable shorts, optimize your performance in style and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

To customise your pants or shorts, choose a preferred style, fabric, and color. Use our designer tools allowing you to add logos, patterns, or text. Select your design preferences, review, and place your order.

Select styles are swim-friendly; always check product specifications.

Unlike regular clothing, activewear is engineered with specific materials and technologies that enhance athletic performance, provide better range of motion, and ensure sweat management.

Yes, our platform offers design tools that enable you to personalise and bring your activewear vision to life, specifically tailored for the Australian audience.

While activewear is versatile, it's essential to choose specific pieces that align with certain activities. For instance, yoga pants might not be suitable for long-distance running due to different material and fit requirements.

Garment Printing provides you with an easy to use Design software

Customising your own Activewear has never been as simple!

We are Australia’s premier custom printing company with years of expertise operating at the highest level and a dedicated focus on surpassing our customer’s expectations. Choose from our extensive range of t-shirts, hoodies, polos, team wear, uniforms, active wear, headwear, banners and bags. Let us take care of your all your custom printing needs.

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