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Key Features of Screen Printing

Why Screen Printing?

Screen printing has evolved from the process of applying ink to a mesh to the use of an actual stencil with a rubber blade to ensure that the printing produced is of the best quality. It is also referred to sometimes as silk screening or silkscreen, as the meshes used to be made out of silk in the past. The technique is the most popular of all the printing methods used today. It’s perfect for any number of orders - from 50 to even thousands! Screen printing is the best option for orders over 50 that don’t need a complex or photo image.


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The Process of Screen Printing

How it Works?

Screen printing is a multi-step process that begins with collecting and designing the artwork; burning each design into the screens; preparing each ink that is going to be used and finally to printing and curing.


Artwork & Film Positives

Better the quality of artwork you will provide, the better the print will be

Screen printing starts with the Artwork. If the design has multiple colors then separate positive films needs to be printed for all colors in black color. Then these separate films are adhered to separate screens, which has coating of emulsion for exposing.


Screen Exposing

Each colour screen is exposed with UV light, burning image into emulsion

After that screens are exposed with UV light for a short period, burning the artwork into the emulsion. After exposing process film is removed, and screens are rinsed with water, washing away emulsion that has been exposed.



Ink is pushed through the exposed mesh using a squeegee

Once the individual screens are ready, they are locked in place onto the arms of the print carousel and aligned with each other to make sure that each color and each layer of color is printed in its correct position. The suitable color of ink is applied to the screens, and the colors are applied to the image one at a time to create your final print.



Heat or UV curing process is used to dry and affix the printed ink to the garment

After printing, your garment goes through either a industrial heat press or tunnel dryer or UV curing process to dry and permanently affix the printed ink to your shirt.

See what makes Screen Printing so popular

Advantages of Screen Printing

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The best thing about screen printing is its versatility. It can work with any type and texture of material, and can work well with dozens of types of garments, such as t-shirts, bags, hats and other promotional products.

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Higher Quality & Durable Printing

Weather-resistant and environmentally friendly inks and our screen printing methods guarantee that your product is of the highest-quality when you receive it, and also that the images will stay sharp and crisp, and won’t fade as time passes or as much as it washes.

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Cost Effective, Perfect for Bulk Orders

Screen printing is very cost effective, especially for larger orders. Large orders can be printed in very short times. We can print large sizes, up to 42x55 cm, and can print up to 12 colors,

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Special Effects

The prints are Hi-Def with very high detail quality, and you can choose from a range of special effects such as metallic, glitter, foil, and glow in the dark, gloss or fluoro- prints, among others.

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Environment Friendly Inks

Water-Based (this ink is used for a softer feel and an environmentally friendly alternative, but is not appropriate for use on dark fabrics).

Potential Limitations of Screen Printing

What are the Possible Disadvantages?

  • Not ideal for photographs full color artworks. Since screen printing isolates colors when printing, gradients and transparency effects don’t print well with this technique.
  • Screen printing has setup costs.
  • Multi-color prints have higher set-up costs, and higher printing cost.
  • The minimum print order for this method is 50.

Some amazing prints produced using Screen Printing

Print Examples

Printing T-Shirts and Clothing can be complicated. We make the whole process easy!

Which Printing Method is Best for you?

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