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Garment Printing Group’s bulk ordering process is convenient, professional and timely. Your order will come exactly on time and just the way you ordered.

Benefits of Ordering in Bulk

Reduced Prices: We understand that the budget is a major consideration for any organisation/event, and so we have designed our bulk order discounts in such a way to facilitate ordering more rather than inhibiting it. When you order greater quantities, you will notice the price per product decreasing significantly. Order more and save money with us!

Wide Product Range: We know we have a great variety of retail quality products for you to choose from, and we also know it can get confusing at times in deciding what to order. Enjoy our bulk pricing and get the flexibility of ordering everything you want, without having to worry about overstepping the budget.

Get Something For Everyone: You would not want to create organisational conflicts by only getting some of your staff/team amazing high-quality custom apparel. Everyone deserves to look cool, and studies have proven that wearing similar uniforms/clothes in fact boosts the team spirit and unity. So order for everyone and stop having to use discretion. With our bulk order discounts it is feasible!

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