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Refund & Return Policy

Return Policy

We usually not receive compliments about the prints we do, but in the unlikely event you’re unhappy with your product please follow these instructions to lodge return / refund claim:

Email us at with;

  • The date of your purchase
  • Your order number
  • What you would like to return
  • Why you want to return it.

Once received we will look into that and will try our best to resolve the problem soon.

What Can Be Returned / Not Returned?

Only Items that are faulty/damaged or have a faulty print may be returned.

  • No returns are accepted after 14 days of receipt of purchase.
  • We do not accept items that have been washed, noticeable wear or makeup stains.
  • Returns must also comply with our user agreement.
  • We do not refund or exchange for change of mind, errors in approved proofs, shipping or stock delays or if the customer chooses the wrong garment size. Note: Sizing measurements online are within +-2 cm, anything outside this is faulty.
  • Garment Printing reserves the right to decide about the best possible printing method to suit customer artwork and fabric of product ordered.

Sampling Policy

We highly encourage our customers, in the strongest of terms, to order one sample of their desired product(s) before production commences on the whole order. Any issues with printing method, press/pre-treatment marks, replication on desired fabric and any additional issues can easily be addressed by simply ordering a sample. We can provide a full refund for the sample but will not provide refunds for the full order for any of the above issues unless at the discretion of Garment Printing Group.


We will charge a minimum of $5 per unit up to 15% of product price for restocking resulting from change of mind or late changes (such as colour, size or product choice) made to the order by the customer.

Returns for Pre-treatment and Press Marks

We do not entertain requests for returns and refunds due to pre-treatment marks or press marks.

When using DTG printing, we have to undertake some additional steps for better print quality and durability. For instance, we have to spray a liquid "pre-treatment" on all dark-coloured garments before printing to ensure that the ink on the garment does not "soak in" and the resultant colours are vibrant.

During the curing process, the pre-treatment can discolour slightly which causes a slightly off-white residue which may be interpreted as a stain. This staining is completely normal and should disappear with the first garment wash. When we apply pre-treatment to light garments, the curing process will sometimes cause a light "yellowish" box to appear around the design which should also come off after the first wash.

Every garment is different, and we use the best suited printing and preparing method depending on the fabric and artwork. Such pre-treatment and press marks are an industry wide norm, and we try our best to avoid them, but they may show up occasionally.

Returns related to Delivery Issues

We guarantee our processing and printing timeframes on our orders, but in the unlikely event that there is an error due to the courier or Australia Post, we cannot take responsibility, but in this rare instance, we can refund your shipping costs in full.

If you order an express order and your location is rural, international or not covered by the Australia Post National Express Post Network then we cannot take responsibility for shipping timeframes.

Please contact us, so we can look after you, well before your due date. We want you to receive your garments on time and are only a phone call or an email away.

Returns for Artwork Issues

Garment Printing takes great pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. However, certain circumstances are beyond our control. Please note that we cannot be responsible for:

  • Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the customer.
  • Mistakes that the client has approved after being sent a proof*
  • If the artwork you as a client upload is low quality, and results in a poor print
  • 10% difference in design printing colours & size
  • 10% difference in the actual garment colours

Garment Printing is not responsible for checking or modifying your artwork if you upload it directly to the site; to make changes such as; colour changes, background removal or design work please email at or call 1300 986 000 to discuss artwork before uploading your image to our designer. Please note we are not responsible for any instructions related to artwork changes mentioned in order notes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Return/Refund Policy

Q. The image is pixilated, can I return it?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for image pixelation issues. We print the image exactly as you give to us, and you can check the image quality on the image quality evaluation slider. Our process is automatic, and processing begins once you upload and approve your design.

Q. The Garment isn't the colour I expected, can I return it?
Answer: If we have accidentally sent you the wrong colour, you can return it to us, and we will remake it for you. However, if we have sent you the colour you ordered, we cannot accept it for return as it is a customised item that has been made just for you. When selecting shirt colour, please note that the shirt colour may slightly be different as colours can appear differently on different monitors due to RGB-CMYK conversion. The combination of RGB light creates white colour, while the combination of CMYK inks creates black colour. This difference in combinations entails that it is impossible for the printing press to reproduce exact colours which we can see on our screen.

Q. What if my garment is larger/smaller than I expected?
Answer: If we sent you the wrong size garment, we will remake it to your size. If we have sent you the correct ordered size, we will not be able to accept it for return as we have made it only for you. We have a detailed sizing guide for more information on our sizing.

Q. What about order cancellations and refunds?
Answer: When we receive your order, our priority is to process it as fast as possible. If your order has been processed, we will not be able to cancel it, otherwise you will charged restocking fee.

Q. What if I don’t like my T-shirt once I get it?
Answer: Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction, and we are sad to see you did not like your custom product. If we have made a mistake, we will send you a replacement or refund your money according to policy but If you made a mistake with your order, call us, and we will see what we can reasonably do to help you get the shirt you want.

Q. Why did we choose the printing method?
Answer: At Garment Printing, we have dedicated garment printing specialists with years of expertise. If customers have not specified their preferred printing method, our printing specialists will decide upon the optimum technique to be used, based upon the garment and design specifications.

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