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Custom tote bags and duffle bags are personalised carriers designed to match individual preferences and specific needs. These bags, ranging from gym duffle bags to canvas tote bags, serve as versatile accessories for various occasions. Discover why these custom bags are popular, explore different printing techniques used, and learn about the diverse styles and options available.

Why Opt for Custom Totes and Bags?

Personal Style Statement: Custom bags offer a canvas for personal expression, allowing you to showcase your unique style or brand identity wherever you go.

Functionality and Utility: Tailored to meet distinct needs, whether it's hauling gym gear in a duffle bag or carrying daily essentials in a printed tote, these bags blend practicality with personalised design.

Promotional Potential: For businesses, custom bags serve as powerful promotional tools, providing visibility and brand exposure across diverse settings.

High Quality Printing Techniques

Screen Printed Totes and Bags: Ideal for fabric bags like totes and duffle bags, this technique presses ink through a stencil onto the bag's surface, perfect for bold designs and logos.

Heat Transfer Printing Totes and Bags: Well-suited for detailed or intricate designs, images are printed onto transfer paper and then applied to the bag's surface using heat.

Embroidered Totes and Bags: Stitching designs onto the bag adds a sophisticated touch, commonly used for logos or text, ensuring durability and a high-end look.

Exclusive Styles and Options Available

Tote Bags: Versatile and practical, tote bags crafted from materials like canvas or cotton suit everyday use or shopping trips, ideal for displaying personalized designs or logos.

Gym Duffle Bags: Tailored for fitness enthusiasts, these bags boast compartments for shoes, clothes, and accessories, catering specifically to gym-goers' needs.

Parcel Bags: More utilitarian, these bags serve shipping or storage purposes. Customizing them with logos or branding enhances their promotional value.

Benefits of Custom Totes and Bags

Distinct Identity: Personalized bags help individuals or brands stand out, conveying individuality or promoting distinct brand identities effectively.

Practical Adaptability: Custom bags are tailored to fulfill specific requirements, ensuring both functionality and convenience in various scenarios.

Promotional Impact: Particularly for businesses, custom bags act as walking advertisements, increasing brand visibility and recognition across different environments.

Order custom tote bags and duffle bags which bring a blend of personal expression, utility, and promotional potential. With diverse printing techniques and an array of styles, these bags are not just accessories but reflections of individual tastes or brand identities.

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Customize your tote or bag with a hue that resonates—pick from a vibrant palette to create a personalized accessory that's uniquely yours.

Totes & Bags

Explore our selection of personalized totes and bags; from gym duffels to stylish totes, tailor your pick to match your lifestyle or brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our custom printing services allow you to personalize your gym duffle bag with your chosen design or logo.

We offer a range of tote bag printing options, including screen print tote bags and digital printing, to suit various styles and budgets.

Yes, we provide printing services on the full range of AS Colour tote bags, including the popular Carrie tote and Parcel tote.

Our printing techniques ensure designs are durable and long-lasting, perfect for the wear and tear of daily use.

Yes, we offer the flexibility to print on one or both sides of your tote bag for maximum impact.

Garment Printing provides you with an easy to use T-Shirt Design software

Customising your own T-Shirt Has never been Easier!

Whether you're into stylish totes or practical duffle bags, our customization options offer a seamless and enjoyable experience. Tailor your tote with vibrant colors, logos, or patterns, reflecting your personality effortlessly.  Explore diverse materials, from eco-friendly options to durable canvas, ensuring your bag aligns with your values. Make a practical statement or promote your brand with ease—let your creativity flow and design a tote or bag that's uniquely yours!

Garment Printing is committed to providing the highest quality to our customers

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