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Sampling Policy

We highly encourage our customers, in the strongest of terms, to order one sample of their desired product(s) before production commences on the whole order. Any issues with printing method, press/pre-treatment marks, replication on desired fabric and any additional issues can easily be addressed by simply ordering a sample.

Before confirming your order, if a sample is required to ensure that the appearance/quality/size of the product(s) meets your requirements, we are happy to provide sample(s), if it is in stock, up to the value of AUD $10. The customer will be required to cover the postage/delivery charges to receive and send back the sample. All samples are required to be returned (at your own cost) within 10-business days or an invoice for the items will be issued at the minimum quantity rate.

Due to the potential misuse of our samples policy, we refuse the right to offer free samples to any party/customer at our discretion, without explanation.

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