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Customised Sports Wear

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Custom sportswear and personalized athletic clothing designed to meet team specific needs and preferences, It goes beyond standard, mass-produced sportswear and it is tailored to reflect your style, team spirit, and personal identity. 

What is Custom Sportswear?
Custom sportswear and athletic clothing is uniquely designed and personalized according to the wearer's preferences. We offer custom team jerseys, workout gear, jackets, and more, featuring customized colors, logos, names, or designs. The aim is to provide individuals and teams with clothing that not only fits well but also reflects their identity and passion for sports.

Why Wear Custom Sportswear?

Personal Expression: Custom sportswear allows individuals to express their personality and passion for sports through unique designs and personalized elements.

Team Unity: For teams, wearing custom uniforms fosters a sense of unity and belonging. Matching outfits create a cohesive look that enhances team spirit and camaraderie.

Motivation and Confidence: Sporting personalized gear can boost motivation and confidence. When you look good and feel comfortable in your outfit, it positively impacts your performance on the field or during workouts.

Different Options in Custom Sportswear:

Custom Team Jerseys: Personalize team jerseys with team colors, logos, player names, and numbers for a unified look.

Workout Gear: Customize your workout attire with motivational quotes, team mottos, or personal messages to stay inspired during training sessions.

Sports Jackets and Hoodies: Create stylish and functional sports jackets or hoodies with personalized touches, keeping you warm while showcasing your unique style.

Perks of Custom Sportswear:

Unique Identity: Stand out from the crowd with gear that reflects your individual style, making a statement both on and off the field.

Comfort and Fit: Tailoring sportswear to your preferences ensures optimal comfort and a perfect fit, enhancing your overall sporting experience.

Team Building: Custom team uniforms contribute to team building and a sense of belonging, fostering a strong team spirit that can positively impact performance.

Motivational Boost: The personalized elements in custom sportswear, such as motivational quotes or unique designs, can provide an extra dose of motivation during intense workouts or competitions.

Our custom sportswear is an excellent choice for those seeking personalized, comfortable, and stylish athletic clothing. Whether you're an individual athlete or part of a team, the unique identity, comfort, and motivational benefits make custom sportswear a valuable investment in your sporting journey.

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Choose your fit

Finding the right fit is the key to comfort and performance. From loose and relaxed to snug and athletic, our Custom Sports Wear offers a range of fits to match your style and game.

Choose your style

From Classic to Trendsetter - Personalize your sports attire to match your style. We have got the designs and options to make your gear uniquely yours.


Sport Sophistication. Our custom polo shirts are the epitome of sporty elegance. Perfect for team events or casual outings, these shirts add a touch of sophistication to your sports wardrobe.

T Shirts

For a classic look and unmatched comfort, our custom t-shirts are the go-to choice. Design your own, and stay cool and stylish during any activity.


Stay Cool and Free. Beat the heat with our custom singlets. Stay cool, and keep moving with ease during intense workouts.

Pants & Shorts

Move with Ease. Choose your perfect bottoms to match your sports routine. Whether it's pants for a chilly day or shorts for a sunny run, we've got you covered.


Stay warm and stylish with our custom hoodies, perfect for chilly training sessions or simply looking cool.

Jackets & Tops

Stay Ahead in Any Weather. Our jackets and tops are designed to tackle unpredictable weather while keeping your style on point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, our customization options allow you to add your team's logo or design.

Yes, our customization is made to withstand the rigors of sports and frequent washing.

We offer a range of materials, from moisture-wicking fabric to comfortable cotton blends.

Check our sizing guide for the perfect fit, or contact our customer service for assistance.

Certainly! We cater to both individual and bulk orders, making it easy to outfit your team or event in style.

Absolutely! Get in touch with our team for special pricing on bulk orders. You can also request a sample order.

Machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and air dry for best results.

Garment Printing provides you with an easy to use Design software

Customising your own Sports Wear has never been as simple!

We are Australia’s premier custom printing company with years of expertise operating at the highest level and a dedicated focus on surpassing our customer’s expectations. Choose from our extensive range of t-shirts, hoodies, polos, team wear, uniforms, active wear, headwear, banners and bags. Let us take care of your all your custom printing needs.

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