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Custom Printed Hospitality Apparel

Where Elegance Meets Your Unique Style

  • Bib Striped Apron with Pocket Thumbnail
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  • Black and White Bib Apron No Pocket Thumbnail
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  • Bib Apron Thumbnail
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  • Chef Works Long PVC Bib Apron Thumbnail
    from *
  • Half Black Apron No Pocket Thumbnail
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  • Black Chalkstripe Bib Apron Thumbnail
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  • Large Bib Apron Thumbnail
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  • English Chef Apron Thumbnail
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  • White, Black and  Navy Short PVC Bib Apron Thumbnail
    from *
  • Waist Apron Thumbnail
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  • Bar Apron Thumbnail
    from *
  • Traditional Black Polo Shirt Thumbnail
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  • Chef Beanie Thumbnail
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  • Cool Vent Chef Beanie White and Black  Thumbnail
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  • Womens Total Vent Black Beanie Thumbnail
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  • Baseball Cap Thumbnail
  • Macquarie White Basic Chef Jacket Thumbnail
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  • Murray White Basic Chef Jacket Thumbnail
    Printed from *
  • Canberra Black Basic Chef Jacket Thumbnail
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  • Black Baggy Chef Pants Thumbnail
    from *
  • Small Check Baggy Chef Pants Thumbnail
    from *
  • Total Vent Chef Beanie Thumbnail
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  • Le Toque - European Style Thumbnail
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  • Womens Black Essential Baggy Chef Pants Thumbnail
    from *
  • Womens Small Check Chef Pants Thumbnail
    from *
  • Darling Black Chef Jacket Thumbnail
    Printed from *
  • Montreal Cool Vent Chef Jacket Thumbnail
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  • Short Waisted Apron Thumbnail
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  • Urban 1/2 Waist Apron Thumbnail
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  • Bib Apron   Thumbnail
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  • Mens Traditional Chef Jacket - Short Sleeve Thumbnail
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  • Classic Chef Jacket Long Sleeve Thumbnail
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Popular Colours

Choose from a palette of popular colors - the classic black, crisp white, or something bold and vibrant.

Choose your style

Select your preferred style from the following options:


Choose elegance and practicality with our custom aprons, adding a touch of flair to your staff's attire.


Enhance your team's image with custom-printed shirts, the epitome of comfort and style.

Waiting Vests

Tailored vests, bringing a touch of class to your hospitality ensemble.

Chef Jackets

Keep your kitchen crew looking sharp and professional with personalised chef jackets.


Custom hats and caps to add the finishing touch to your team's polished look.


Stylish and comfortable pants, easily customizable to match your brand's aesthetics.

Custom hospitality wear apparel refers to personalised clothing designed specifically for employees in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and other service-oriented establishments. This type of clothing is customised to reflect the brand identity and professionalism of the hospitality business. Here's an overview of what custom hospitality apparel wear entails, why it's advantageous, the various options available, and the perks associated with it.

What is Custom Hospitality Apparel Wear?

Custom hospitality apparel wear involves the creation of personalised clothing for employees working in the hospitality sector. We offer custom designerd uniforms, shirts, aprons, jackets, and other garments tailored to showcase your brand's logo, colors, and design elements. The primary objective is to present a unified and professional image that aligns with the establishment's brand identity and enhances the overall guest experience.

Why Wear Custom Hospitality Apparel?

Branding and Image: Custom hospitality apparel reinforces the establishment's brand and creates a consistent, professional image that resonates with guests. It contributes to a positive perception of the business.

Team Unity: Uniforms and custom apparel foster a sense of unity among staff, creating a cohesive and organized appearance. This unity enhances teamwork and cooperation, crucial elements in providing quality service.

Guest Experience: The professional appearance of staff in custom hospitality apparel contributes to a positive and memorable guest experience. It instills confidence in guests and adds to the overall ambiance of the establishment.

Different Options in Custom Hospitality Apparel Wear

Uniforms: Tailored uniforms with the company logo, colors, and specific design elements create a distinct and recognizable appearance for employees.

Logo-Emblazoned Shirts and Aprons: Incorporate the business logo on shirts and aprons for a consistent and branded look, especially in restaurants and cafes.

Specialised Attire: Depending on the establishment, there may be options for specialized attire, such as chef coats, bartender vests, or hotel staff uniforms, all customised to align with the brand.

Perks of Custom Hospitality Apparel

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Custom hospitality apparel serves as a visual representation of the establishment's brand, increasing visibility and reinforcing brand recognition.

Improved Staff Morale: Employees wearing customised attire often experience increased job satisfaction and morale, contributing to a positive work environment.

Guest Trust and Confidence: A well-dressed and professionally presented staff instills trust and confidence in guests, creating a positive first impression and a lasting connection with the brand.

Promotion of Business Identity: Custom hospitality apparel can act as a marketing tool, promoting the business both on-site and off-site as staff members move within the community.

Custom hospitality apparel wear is a strategic investment for businesses in the hospitality industry. It reinforces brand identity and creates a professional image while uplifting team unity and positively impacting the overall guest experience.

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We employ a variety of high-quality printing methods, including screen printing and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, to ensure your design looks exceptional.

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