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Customise Your Sportswear – How to Print Names on Shirts?

Do you know custom-printed sportswear is more than a uniform? 

Yes! It becomes a visual symbol of unity and team spirit that fans and players rally around. With bright colours and bold logos, the team’s morale is sky-high and the brand’s image seeks to make the team instantly recognisable to its supporters and form an intimidating challenge in the eyes of the competition.

However, achieving such a powerful visual impact presents challenges, such as printing technology, materials, and design. We know it’s hard to trust.  That’s why we are here to help you out!!!

So, how to print the name on a shirt?

We have a complete guide, so stop struggling and keep reading to explore!

How to Print Name on Shirt – Step-by-Step Guide 


    1. Create design

Create design

We got user-friendly software to bring life to your designs with high-quality printing. Either to upload your design or draft it manually, we promise the long-lasting results. 

A well-designed kit enhances the team’s spirit and makes them instantly recognisable and memorable to the audience.

Design Aspect Recommendations
Logo and Name Integration Combine team name, logo, and slogan into a single design. Ensure the design is visible and informative at first glance.
Colour Choices Use high-contrast colours for clarity. Choose colours that reflect the team’s identity and resonate with fans.
Typography and Style Select legible, bold fonts suitable for viewing from far. Maintain a consistent style aligned with the team’s brand identity.

Further, we recommend you to experience quality prints on versatile designs at Garment Printing as we are specialised in custom-printed sportswear.

Customised Sports Wear

Custom sportswear and personalized athletic clothing designed to meet team specific needs and preferences

    1. Select Printing Type

Select Printing Type

2.1. Direct to Film (DTF) Printing 

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The printing process involves printing the designs onto a specially formulated film and then thermally transferring them onto the fabric. 

With this method, vibrant and detailed designs can be applied to many fabrics, even stretchable ones in sports uniforms such as polos and will not crack or fade even when put to rigorous use.


Printed from $23.61 AUD*


Printed from $20.42 AUD*


Printed from $18.82 AUD*

2.2 Embroidery

Experience long-lasting durability with our high-quality embroidery; it’s built to last!

In embroidery, names or numbers are threaded directly into the shirt or fabric. It is unquestionably the winner because an embroidered design always looks more exquisite, especially when positioned above a shirt’s left pocket.

Plus, it is preferred by most professional teams because of its three-dimensional (3D) look.


2.3. Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG prints are vibrant and ideal for short-term use!

It applies water-based inks directly to the fabric via inkjet technology. This method is ideal because it allows detailed images or complex logos characteristic of cotton sports t-shirts.


Printed from $11.22 AUD*


Printed from $11.22 AUD*


Printed from $10.48 AUD*

2.4. Screen Printing

Screen Printing is not just a phase; it’s forever!

It involves forcing the ink through a mesh screen/stencil onto the fabric to create very defined, bold designs. This technique is perfect for logos, numbers, and sponsor information that must stay evident even under rigorous wearing conditions, such as during competitive games and through many washings. 

Besides, screen printing in bulk is very cost-effective and affordable. For a sports team, this can bring uniformity to all the team’s gear at a manageable cost.

  1. Placement of the Printed Design
Placement of the Printed Design

W​hat side of the shirt does the name go on? 

Typically, the name or logo should be prominently displayed on the back/front of a t-shirt to ensure the most visibility. The backside of the garment also serves as a viable space for larger prints that include both the team name and logo, offering additional exposure when viewed from behind. 

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We, as experts, are going to show you some tips for the design creation & spacing!

For Men and Women

Area Dimensions
Chest area 12cm (Left and Right)
Upper Front and Back  35cm x 40cm (width x height)
Lower Front and Back 35cm x 15cm (width x height)
Short Sleeve 10cm x 10cm (width x height)
Long Sleeve 10cm x 35cm (width x height)

For Kids

Area Dimensions
Chest area 10cm (Left and Right)
Upper Front and Back 25cm x 30cm (width x height)
Lower Front and Back 25cm x 10cm (width x height)
Short Sleeve 10cm x 10cm (width x height)

For Caps and Hats

Area Dimensions
Front 8cm x 5cm (width x height)

Additional Tips

Centred Design

Centred Design

Make sure the placement of a centred graphic on the front of a shirt takes into account the garment’s shoulders and collar. This is the best location for clearly exhibiting designs and trademarks.



Keep your sleeve design straightforward and in line with the primary design on the front or back of the garment. Because there isn’t much space on the sleeves, choose smaller logos or patterns that improve the garment’s overall appearance.

Combining Placements

Combining Placements

You can switch up places such as the entire front, left chest, and sleeve patterns to create a personalised appearance.

Symmetry & Balance

Ensure your design is symmetrical to prevent spacing mistakes, allowing it to enhance the shirt’s collar, shoulders, and other design elements.

Printed from $42.59 AUD*
Printed from $48.82 AUD*
Printed from $37.81 AUD*

    1. Print with Us

Bring your creative designs, and let us handle the rest of the process of your mind to visuals!

At Garment Printing, your creativity meets our printing expertise to ensure that your custom printing needs are met with excellence. In addition to the durable printing services, you will have a bulk order discount, and shipping charges will be waived for orders $100+. How cool is that right?


The answer to the query of how to print name on shirt should remain very flexible, depending on the nature of the names to be printed. 

Whether it is a unifying team jersey or a personalised gift, the method you choose will greatly affect the final product. 

So, think bout the design, choose wisely, and contact us to print your sportswear!

For detailed insights into the printing process, click here!


How do you print words on a shirt?

You can print words on a shirt using several methods, including screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. 

Can you print a brand name on a shirt?

Yes, any of the above-mentioned techniques can be used to print a brand name on a T-shirt. Screen printing and heat transfer vinyl are most frequently used to put logos and branding on shirts.

How to print the name on a jersey?

The most common methods for printing a name on a jersey are screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, and DTG printing. These allow you to print text, names, and numbers directly onto the jersey fabric.

Can you print directly on a shirt?

Yes, you can print directly on a shirt using techniques like DTG printing, which sprays ink directly onto the fabric, or screen printing, which presses ink through a stencil onto the shirt.

How can I print on cotton?

DTG printing is considered the best method for printing on cotton fabric. 

What is the best method of shirt printing?

The best shirt printing method depends on the complexity of the design, the quantity needed, the fabric, and your budget. 

Where can I get names printed on football shirts?

For online custom printing services, you can get names printed on football shirts at local sports shops or through online custom printing services at Garment Printing.

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