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Chef & Hospitality Staff Uniform Update 2021/22

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The hospitality industry is huge, and its standards are more defined than ever. It is a very cheerful and socializing business of hosting people, whether it is a cafe, bar, restaurant, or hotel.

Today we would like to explore the hospitality industry and the workwear associated with it. It is a multifaceted business and has a big investment in the image building of the brand. Their staff uniform is one of the most important aspects to ponder on. The selection of the hospitality workwear design and type needs attention and investment, not in terms of expenditure only but the aesthetics, standard, and image development. 

Let’s talk about the various scales and types of hospitality ventures once we know which size requires what kind of chef uniform items and what workwear design will be appropriate. 

Types Of Hospitality Business And Uniform Items For Staff

Cafe/Coffee shops: Waist apron, tabards, and trilby hats

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Bars: Waist apron, bib aprons, and dark-colored chef trouser

Takeaway or small restaurants: Chef trouser, bib apron, cargo pants skull cap or beanies

Casual dining restaurant: Chef jacket and a trouser, Bib apron

Fine dining restaurant: Solid color chef suit, chef jacket, chef hat

Back of the house: chef trousers and pants, waterproof apron, basic beanie with net

The general chef uniform is trousers and shirt for all the casual and formal types of hospitality service.  The white comes as a classic choice, and darker solid color apparel is also popular with the newer ventures. The designed piece of clothing is an apron, and it has different utilities and types. Here in the following article, we will discuss the various types of apron designs and their utilities. 

Style Of Chef Aprons

The chef apron nowadays is unisex, which means that both men and women can wear them. 

The style and design focus on the workability and safety of the chef. Later it also added value to the presentation of the restaurant business. 

Bib Aprons

The most popular and traditional style in aprons variety is a bib apron. It has an adjustable neck loop and waist ties. Initially, the bib aprons were mostly used in white and black cloth, but now there is a range of options for prints and designs according to the brand requirement. 

The length of the apron is usually till knees and should have multiple slit pockets.

White & Black Aprons Mockup
White & Black Aprons Mockup

Cross Back Aprons

The cross-back apron is an evolved form of a bib apron. The stripes moved to the shoulder to shift the strain from the neck. The shoulder strap could be of cloth, or people also use leather to make straps. The shoulder straps can be removable and lace in to adjust the fitting to add more design elements. 

Waist Aprons / Utility Pouch

Waist aprons are also called utility pouch aprons. They do not cover the chest and begin from the waist down above the knees. It has a big front pocket to store the pen, tablet, or order pad to write the clients’ orders and special notes.  

Women Chef Wearing Apron
Women Chef Wearing Apron

Pinafore / Smock Aprons

Smock Aprons are also known as the pinafore or Japanese style apron. It is a one-piece slip-over type of apron that goes over the head and covers the whole body. 

Fashion Technical Drawing Pinafore Dress
Fashion Technical Drawing Pinafore Dress

Waterproof Aprons

The waterproof aprons are used in the wet area of the restaurant kitchen, mostly for dishwashing and cleaning vegetables, fruits, or meat. This apron is made of nylon or PVC-coated layer to avoid water absorption. 

Special Aprons Food Industry
Special Aprons Food Industry

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Style of Chef Hats 

Tall Toque

The classic chef hat is called The Toque. It is pleated and has several flares on the tops. This also makes the master chef identifiable. The tallness also refers to the chef’s professional standing amongst the other co-workers.

Tall Toque For Chef
Tall Toque For Chef

Bandana’s & Wraps

The bandanas and wraps are usually used to hold the long and frontal hair back and avoid falling on the food. It is a popular type of headcover in street food style of service. 

Fashionable Chef Bandana
Fashionable Chef Bandana


This style is called a Cap; it is mostly used in bakery and confectionery production. The cap serves the same purpose of holding the hair tidy and away from the face. It is breathable and lightweight. 

Chefs Cap
Chefs Cap

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are durable and light in weight, and they evolved over some years to become professional kitchen items. The beanies hats have a strip of velcro at the back to make it tighter at the neckline to have a good gripping fit. 

Women Wearing Beanie Hat
Women Wearing Beanie Hat

Skull Caps

Junior chefs usually use skull caps. It shows the hierarchy of the kitchen professionals within a team. It is a lightweight cap that can be made in any color or fabric type.

Chefs Skull Cap
Chefs Skull Cap

Trilby or Catering Hats

The catering hats or trilby hats are mostly used by the industrial caterers and big production units of the kitchen. Its fabric material is usually meshed and very breathable. 

Trilby or Catering Hats
Trilby or Catering Hats

Final Words

The article is covering the chef’s uniform requirement from different business scales, sizes, and types. The focus is on the chef caps and aprons as they are two unique items that give the chef an identity and project the brand level through it.

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