Men's Fashion Of The 1920s

Men’s Fashion Of The 1920s

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Fashion changes from time to time and differs from region to region. The fashion trends followed in Australia may differ from those followed in Europe. But, here we have an overall glance at the Men’s Fashion of the 1920s.

During the daytime, men abandoned freshly ironed collars and official three-piece outfits. Rather than, they favoured soft collars and one- and two blazers, which were frequently worn with no waistcoat.

Let’s look at the men’s fashion for different routines, or as per style:

Men’s Fashion Style in the 1920s

During that decade, fashion comprised the same costume styles repetitively, with no informal apparel.

The 1920s saw the emergence of informal and athletic gowns for men and several drastic fashion costumes. The dress etiquette waned, and attire offered more variety.

If you want to follow the fashion style of the 1920s, you can’t go wrong with this.

It was an easygoing, classy era of male clothing that laid the groundwork for many types of today’s style.

Men’s Fashion Style in the 1920s
Men’s Fashion Style in the 1920s

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So, let’s dive into it and learn more about 1920s men’s fashion.

Men’s Fashion of Dress Shirts

The dress shirt is a significant part of a 1920s men’s costume.

Tall, fair-skinned removable straps ruled the fashion industry because of their convenience of washing. The attached collars are the benchmarks set as fashion trends in the mid-1920s.

The attached collars were gentler in the touch than removable collars, which were rigorous and inconvenient.

Nucky Thompson from the TV show Boardwalk Empire is a massive inspiration. The costume and clothing include the collar style of a spread and pointed and round edge club.

Although, it is a fact that the spread collar style had a significant impact, button-down shirts were given a weak position.

Wingtip collars were popular, and some were worn with bent-over points to accommodate bow ties.

Men’s Fashion in the Great Gatsby

1920s great Gatsby men’s fashion can be easily found online. The dress suit is the classic Great Gatsby costume, evoking the decade’s capital and ostentation.

To dress in the Great Gatsby fashion, pick a three-piece suit in a light colour, such as light blue, grey, or medium-brown, having peaked, or notched lapels, and 4 to 6 button-coats.

The Great Gatsby Men's Fashion
The Great Gatsby Men’s Fashion

Window panes, plaids, cross-hatching, and checks were all in-demand and famous patterns in that era. Tweeds are also an excellent choice.

Men’s Fashion of Evening Wear

The 1920s men’s fashion of evening wear looks traditional by wearing a tailcoat and a traditional hat on the top. In evening wear, many men used to add a dinner jacket to their outfit, which is commonly known as the Tuxedo coat.

The Tuxedo jacket replaced the tailcoats because of the comfortable evening wear to men. These jackets are quite long, and their length is below the hips.

Men’s Fashion in Driving Dress Style

With automobiles becoming far more prevalent and cost-effective, it was natural to style in a way to reflect a special affinity with the vehicle.

Buying a car was becoming a component of that era, and the fashion business was ready to react.

Flat tweed caps, designed to touch the face and remain on while cruising with an opening at the top, are among clothing items specially designed for driving.

Men used to wear driving gloves, which were stalwarts from riding gloves, vented for solace.

Gangster Costume Style in the 1920s

Gangsters in the early 20th century were individuals who governed illegal liquor allocation.

They monitored specific regions of major cities, resulting in territorial disputes between gang members, resulting in uncomfortable results. We are not promoting pessimism here, but the appearance is worth stealing. The mobs were clad in black thundering 20s vintage suits, such as brown bluish-grey, never dark, with corresponding waistcoats and trousers, hats, and cigars.

Gangster Costume Style in the 1920s
Gangster Costume Style in the 1920s

You can get the same look by wearing these 1920s gangster suits. The 1920s men’s fashion gangster can be best for you if you can also wear matching gloves with it.

Men’s Fashion Shoes, 1920s:

Several colours emerged in the 1920s and became a fashion for men regarding shoes.

The men’s footwear was dual-tone in brown or black, and white was the most popular. Wingtips made their appearance.

Men’s Fashion Shoes
Men’s Fashion Shoes

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Even though black leather was still the sole institutional shoe obtainable, men wore this style with a punctured small hole over the tulle. 

This gave shoes an artsy design and showed that a guy was a part of the jazz age. 

Final Word:

The men’s fashion of the 1920s will remain a benchmark of men’s fashion in the modern era. 

There are various suit styles that reflect men’s fashion style in the early twentieth century. 

You can use that style to make yourself look like the men of the 1920s!


What should a guy wear to a 1920s party?

A guy can wear a casual three-piece suit to a 1920s themed party. 

However, as working-class men really can not afford to buy expensive 3-piece suits, they can go with working-class or comfortable men’s workwear style, which is among the simplest and affordable 1920s themes.

The working-class or comfortable men’s style is nothing more than a pair of pants, suspenders, a vest, a shirt, shoes, and a hat.

What type of clothing was popular during the 1920s?

Men used to wear tuxedos, well-tailored pinstripe suits, raccoon fur coats, silk shirts, handkerchiefs, black patent shoes made of leather, spats, and bow ties in the 1920s.

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