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Empowering Women in Construction: Safety Wear Essentials

Empowering Women in Construction: Safety Wear Essentials

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In the world of women’s construction workwear, adhering to occupational safety and health regulations is not just a requirement but a necessity. One can face a unique set of hazards in the workplace, which can lead to accidents or health issues if not properly addressed with appropriate gear.

A one-size-fits-all approach to workwear may not be suitable for all individuals, given that women have significantly different body measurements than males. Workwear designed exclusively for women is available from an extensive selection of manufacturers.

When searching for attire for women, it is critical to consider the following:

    • Sizes

    • Safety Functions

    • Price-Effective Comfort Materials

 These should satisfy your workplace’s dress code and your inclinations.

Women Construction Workwear

The construction industry is transforming; personnel nationwide are diversifying as more people enter the labour force. Finding construction equipment in sizes suitable for women continues to be challenging.

We at Garment Printing respect and value diversity. More importantly, we endeavour to provide construction workers with products that meet their needs. Garment printing is a one-stop shop for all your protective requirements, carrying a uniquely curated assortment of products manufactured both in-house and by reputable partners.

Women Construction Workwear

Safety products and varieties of construction workwear for women

Constantly expanding to accommodate the introduction of new products to the market, our current inventory comprises:

    1. High-visibility, custom-fitted safety garments in every size for women

    1. Women’s flame-resistant (FR) apparel, such as denim jeans and work blouses

    1. ANSI-compliant safety vests with elevated visibility

    1. Eye protection for women

    1. Hard hats, neck protections, and more for women

Besides safety equipment, branded She’s In Construction t-shirts are also available. Purchasing them is an excellent method to demonstrate one’s endorsement of this endeavour and women in the skilled trades.

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Safety products and varieties of construction workwear for women

Professional Leggings

Consider purchasing women’s construction trousers that are functional for the tasks. Such trousers should feature additional compartments, reinforced kneecaps and sufficient space for a tool belt if required.

For a day spent on-site, the female action trousers are a perfect match. Designed with the female form in mind, these work trousers for women have a UPF 50+ rating, an elasticised waist for mobility, knee pad compartments and storage pockets.

Work trousers and pants

Do you find yourself working during inclement weather or at night? In such situations, high-visibility apparel is required. The Hi-Vis Pants are ideal, available in a premium design, multiple compartments, a durable poly/cotton fabric, and a flattering fit.

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Protective Footwear

A construction location must have safety footwear that provides enhanced traction and grip while safeguarding the foot. In adverse conditions and on unstable surfaces, search for women’s safety boots with slide resistance and solidly reinforced upper, sole, and toe caps. These protect plummeting objects and potential trip-related impacts.

Women Workwear Protective boots

In terms of both functionality and security, Jb’s Wear Safety Boots is our top pick for women’s construction boots. They are lightweight, comfortable, and constructed with protective elements such as a fibreglass toe-cap, anti-penetration midsole, and shock absorption technology.

Jackets and Work Outfits

Naturally, the weather and location on the construction site dictate which blouse and jacket you choose to wear. Clothing should consistently be breathable, pleasant, well-fitting, and durable.

For women’s work attire, hoodies and standard blouses from a reputable workwear brand are acceptable.

Women Jackets and Work Outfits

However, if you’re searching for something more durable, peruse the collection of women’s labour jackets. While providing additional protection against abrasions and injuries on the job site, a heavy-duty workwear jacket’s extra storage helps transport smaller tools.

Here are some Women Jackets:

Women Shepherd Jacket

Women Eclipse Jacket

Women College Jacket

Safety Construction Accessories

As with any physically demanding occupation, several essential safety accessories and supplementary safety head measures must be observed while working on a construction site.

Safety helmets are required for all individuals entering a construction site, even briefly. There is a significant risk of head injury on construction sites, ranging from minor impacts to more severe incidents.

It is advisable to verify that the helmet is appropriately sized and fits snugly on the head, complete with the hair secured underneath. Additionally, your helmet mustn’t obstruct any other personal protective equipment (PPE), including ear defenders or eyewear; since all these components are essential, they must fit and function in unison.

Protective Gloves

When operating outdoors or with more extensive tools, gloves are an additional essential PPE item. Given due consideration to the nature of the task, select mitts that are appropriate for the environment. 

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Women Protective Workwear Construction gloves

For instance, when performing intricate tasks, excessively dense or bulky gloves are not appropriate; fingerless gloves, on the other hand, are optimal. A similar principle applies when raising and moving materials; you must ensure your gloves have a sufficient grip for your and others’ safety. Read everything you need to know about safety protective gloves.


The growing number of women in the construction industry underscores the importance of specialised women’s construction workwear. Garment Printing addresses this need by offering a range of safety-oriented, comfortable, and functional apparel and accessories. From high-visibility clothing and flame-resistant apparel to protective footwear and essential safety gear, our products are tailored to meet the unique demands of women in construction. Our commitment is to ensure safety, comfort, and performance, empowering women in the industry with workwear that is both protective and suited to their needs.

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