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Lab Coat Styles: What to Pair With Them in 2023

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For many professionals in the scientific and medical disciplines, opening the closet and selecting an appropriate outfit to wear under a lab coat can be an unexpected obstacle. You want to appear polished and professional while remaining comfortable during lengthy work hours.

Our guide is designed to assist you in resolving this dilemma with curated, fashionable, and practical recommendations.

Work Environment

There are distinct expectations for various types of work environments. When attire for the workplace, you must consider both practical considerations and long-standing traditions. These two factors determine the type of lab coat that is socially permissible. Consider the example of the medical environment. Professionals working in a clinic or physician’s office should typically choose a shorter, more open lab coat with large pockets. 

Since there is a greater risk of splatter in a dentist’s office, it is believed that a lengthier, full-zip coat with knit cuffs is a more suitable garment for those who work there. If you are in the market for a new lab coat, the best advice you can give is to observe the coats your colleagues wear and choose the one that best suits your style and fashion. 

First, find inspiration by observing what your coworkers are wearing, then purchase the outfit.

Here are some ways to maintain your style while working in a laboratory.

Styling with your Lab Coat

In medical and scientific settings, the lab coat represents professionalism and trust. However, this does not preclude incorporating your distinctive style. Try modern, sophisticated combinations such as long jackets with knee-length dresses and heels, or adopt a street-style approach with miniskirts and button-down shirts. Remember to express your individuality by accessorising your lab coat ensemble.

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A white lab coat is a wardrobe essential for medical practitioners. However, this distinction should not be the only one between you and other medical professionals. For instance, lab coats can be customised with embroidery. This will not only increase your charisma at work, but it will also make it simpler to identify your lab coats, among others.

Similarly, you can distinguish yourself by adding a personal touch with stock embroidery, such as a stethoscope.

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Examine Your Dress Code

Check the dress code enforced in the hospital or laboratory where you are employed. Some hospitals require their lab personnel to wear scrub tops and pants under their medical lab coats, whereas other hospitals have a more relaxed dress code and permit any attire as long as it does not impede the job.

There are also lab facilities that are tolerant of personal preferences about aesthetics and flavour.

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Dress down in style

If you are working with hazardous chemicals, such as acids, it is best to wear them casually in the lab. A costly dress ruined by spilling acid could be highly upsetting. While staining slides, many laboratory personnel also ruined their expensive clothing.

Therefore, you should consider donning clothes that are both functional and fashionable. Dressing casually does not equate to being dull. You can wear skinny jeans with boots, cardigans, stylish camisoles, and a basic dress with ballet flats. Wear scrub trousers and lab shoes with closed toes when working with hazardous chemicals.


Lab uniforms will likely encompass the majority of your clothing. Therefore, V-neck scrub tops allow you to wear a lovely necklace. This is the best option if you are not dealing with sensitive experiments or processes in the laboratory. Use common sense when selecting this attire, as wearing necklaces in the laboratory can be hazardous.

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One benefit of dressing casually is wearing affordable yet fashionable attire. Therefore, you can save more money for your clothing allowance. Why not use your savings to purchase stylish accessories such as a designer pocketbook or a wallet?

Fashionable and Lab Coat Outfits

Try these suggestions for lab-appropriate ensembles that will appear in the right place once you remove your goggles and enter the sweet, sweet freedom of the street.

Here are a few looks which can make you fashionable:

Classic Style

Wear a classic style by pairing faded denim with Chucks under a lab coat. The ensemble is complemented by a black blazer with three-quarter-length sleeves and a colorful striped T-shirt. You should wear small jewelry, such as stud earrings, and avoid wearing anything on your wrists to reduce the likelihood of lab equipment snagging your accoutrements.

Rock and roll style

If you have a more rock-and-roll sense of style, consider a pair of edgy motorcycle or combat boots as your close-toed shoes of the moment. Leggings are a fantastic option for lab because they are so comfortable (though black jeans could be substituted if you’re adamantly against leggings). Pair them with a long tunic that conceals the buttocks and a moto jacket.

Eccentric look

For a more eccentric look, drape a floral sweatshirt over a sleeveless blouse. Even if you’re wearing a lab coat, the flowers will add a splash of color that will be visible. If you are wearing shoes that do not entirely conceal your foot, such as these oxfords, you should wear patterned socks for added protection.

In addition, the socks will keep your feet comfortable even after hours of standing at a laboratory workstation.

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