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6 Ways to Save Money with a Bulk Shirt Order

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Save your money on a bulk shirt order by doing 6 important things.

Whether you are looking forward to buying t-shirts for your company, team, or group of friends, or you want to start your own business, buying your shirts in bulk is the best way to go. Placing a bulk shirt order, for whatever purpose you need a lot of them, can save a lot of money and let you buy dozens of shirts at a fraction of the “normal” price. Plus, buying shirts in bulk gives you the opportunity to select from an extensive array of styles, sizes, and colours from all the best leading manufacturers.

Having so many different choices to choose from can make the process overwhelming at times, especially when you want to get everything right, and secure the best deal for your team or organisation. The good news, however, is that we have made the entire process extremely easy for you with our checklist of the 6 ways that you need to follow at all costs if you want to save your money when buying shirts in bulk.

Estimate Your Needs

Even before you decide on buying shirts in bulk, or you think that it is about time that you order shirts in bulk, you need to think again. It is always a good idea to get a rough estimate of how many shirts you are actually going to need. 

The reason you need to do this before you decide where to buy t shirts in bulk is because if you get too many you will just waste your money. Besides, an estimate can help you find the best deal at the lowest price. So, in other words, you are saving more money.

However, you need to know that it is going to be an easy task if you need an estimate for a small order such as a family event, but it is going to be a lot harder for business-centric needs. For the latter, we recommend considering your desired demographic and looking into your related market.

Use a Group Order Form

Another way to get an accurate count is by using a group order form and include all the specifications in the form, including colours, styles, and sizes. Ask the people you know to fill out the form and then tally them to see what you need. 

When checking the forms, make sure to note the most common colours, styles, and sizes selected by people and, then order a few extras, such as extra t-shirts in size large or in small, just in case. Make good use of the order forms to get a general idea about the number of shirts you need to order in every size.

You can order extra shirts for another reason – fundraising events. Such events are very common for teams and


organisations, so you can offset some of your expenses.

Choose Plain White Tees

You can get T-shirts in every colour that is on the spectrum, but do you know what saves money when dealing with bulk wholesale t-shirts? White t-shirts because they are cheaper than coloured shirts. 

So, even if you are saving a dollar on one shirt, imagine what amount it would accumulate to when you buy them in bulk. So, with a small order, this might not look like a big deal, but you can actually end up saving hundreds of dollars when you order hundreds of shirts.

And if you only need colourful shirts, then you can dye them yourself, decorate them or pair them with coloured pants to coordinate with your colour scheme. Some other good ways are iron-on patches, screen printing, or vinyl heat transfers to make a white shirt interesting and unique for your brand, organisation, or team. Besides, you can customise the leftover white shirts for your next event.

Select a Vendor Specialising Bulk Orders

In order to get the best deal on a bulk shirt order, you must select a vendor specialising in bulk orders because they offer better deals than places like small shops or even supermarkets. Another perk of specialised vendors is the array of discounts they offer on different types of bulk orders. So, look out for the discounts. 

Consider Shipping Costs

It is normal to forget other secondary, but equally important, costs when ordering t-shirts in bulk, but you must keep shipping costs in consideration if you are placing your order online. Online vendors also charge for handling and shipping of the shirts, so go for those that offer free handling and shipping.

Pay Close Attention to Policies

Customer service policies make a huge difference because when vendors do not have good policies, it can end up costing you money. One example of a policy that you need to avoid is the no return policy, so you can get stuck with shirts in the wrong size or colour. And then you will have to spend the same amount all over again to get the shirts you want. So, we suggest checking the return policies, restocking fees, and handling fees.

Also, look at the shipping policies, especially when you want your order in a certain amount of time. For instance, some vendors have very low shipping prices, but they ship from overseas which can take up to months. So, even if you save your money, the time does not suit you. Besides, packages often go missing in such cases and international vendors are not the best at sending out replacement orders.

Therefore, we highly recommend checking a company’s FAQ page and policies to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before you place your bulk shirt order.

Final Takeaway

Invest your time in doing all the research you can before you place your bulk shirt order. Take your time figuring out how many shirts do you need while keeping all the fees in your mind and return policies into consideration. And don’t forget to opt for reputable brands for the best quality of shirts according to your requirements. And if you keep all the above-mentioned points in mind, we are sure that everything will go well for you.

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