Top 11 Healthcare Jobs That Require Scrubs

Top 11 Healthcare Jobs That Require Scrubs

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Suppose you work or plan to work in the medical industry. In that case, you must follow safety and sanitation protocols and wearing scrubs is a critical element of following such protocols. Scrubs are two-piece garments usually worn by doctors, nurses and other professionals in the healthcare industry. They protect them from viruses, bacteria and all sorts of contaminants. In addition, they are also comfortable and ease your mobility. However, scrubs are not merely worn by doctors and nurses; there are numerous other professions in the healthcare sector where scrubs are essential. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top healthcare jobs that require scrubs.


Surgeons must wear scrubs when they go into the operation rooms. Scrubs are worn to guard against viruses or germs; however, scrubs also ensure patient safety while undergoing surgery. It is indispensable for surgeons to follow sanitary protocols, and wearing scrubs is a part of those protocols. 


Like surgeons, nurses must wear scrubs too. Nurses are more often exposed to all sorts of hazardous contaminants and viruses. They are personally tending to and monitoring patients, which increases the likelihood of contracting diseases. Similarly, nurses work for a much longer duration in hospitals than surgeons, requiring comfortable attire. Therefore scrubs are an essential garment for them.

Male & Female Nurses Wearing Scrubs
Male & Female Nurses Wearing Scrubs

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Radiologists operate special equipment to produce and analyse diagnostic imagery. They use such equipment to make X-rays, CT (computed tomography scans), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans and other medical images to aid doctors in diagnosing patients. For such crucial work and to safeguard against germs and contaminants, radiologists must wear scrubs.


Dentists treat oral health issues and specialise in various dental procedures. Hygiene and sanitary protocols should be strictly followed when performing dental treatment. Therefore, dentists need to wear scrubs to get sure of the oral hygiene of their patients and perform the treatment most safely.

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Dental Assistants

Dental assistants help dentists when they are treating a patient. They assist when dentists are doing the scaling/cleaning of your teeth or performing the root canal. Given their work, they are also required to wear scrubs to safeguard the patient and themselves from any viruses or germs.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists work to improve the physical movement of their patients to recover from injuries or other medical conditions. They use exercises and massage to aid in pain reduction and improve flexibility and movement. Because physical therapists attend to patients suffering numerous injuries or illnesses, they must ensure their safety and wear scrubs.

Surgical Technicians

Surgical technicians are part of the more extensive surgical team. They help medical professionals inside the operation room. They can also prepare surgery rooms and transport patients to these rooms. Due to their constant presence during the surgical procedure in operation rooms, they must wear medical scrub as other medical professionals present there.

Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians 

Lab technologists and technicians perform various kinds of tests on patients. They can range from the highly contagious COVID-19 to simple blood tests. Additionally, they have to analyse, interpret and prepare the report. Therefore, they need to wear scrubs to safeguard themselves from any ill effects of any diseases they may come in contact with.

Laboratory Technologist Wearing Scrubs
Laboratory Technologist Wearing Scrubs

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Veterinarians treat the injuries and diseases of animals. They perform diagnoses using X-ray machines and medical tools. They also carry out surgeries, provide first aid and most importantly, care for the animals. And handling animals, especially in a clinic, is undoubtedly a challenging task, which can also get disorderly, and animals can easily carry harmful bacteria and viruses. Hence, veterinarians need to wear scrubs.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides provide services similar to nurses, but they tend patients’ in homes, not hospitals. They help their patients with numerous daily chores, including laundry, bathing, housekeeping, grooming, and cooking. They are specially hired for patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as physical disabilities or cognitive impairment. For this reason, they have to wear scrubs to offer them and their patients protection against diseases and help them identify as a medical staff member.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists perform massage to relax the muscles and tissues. However, you might wonder that massage therapists don’t need to wear scrubs. However, massage therapists work in numerous fields such as spas, hotels, beauty clinics, and fitness centres. As such, scrubs are required to provide them with comfort and ease.

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