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How To Clean Hi-Vis Clothing Properly

How To Clean Hi-Vis Clothing Properly

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The Hi Vis clothing is a specialized type of clothing that refers to the high visibility of a wearer from the distance, in day and night particularly in the sector of health service and security. The construction, mining and electronic industries also include them as a part of their specialized uniform known as PPE, personal protective equipment. There are specialized standards for industry and service to use hi-vis clothing provided by the Australian government uniform authorities.

Similarly, for the same reason of uniform purpose and functionality, the washing of the hi vis workwear becomes a particular and a specialized process. In the following article, we will explain how to wash a Hi vis uniform and what are the best practices to keep it clean and vibrant for a longer time.

Hi-Vis Clothing
Hi-Vis Clothing

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What to Consider When Cleaning Hi-Vis Clothing 

The hi-vis clothing comes in fluorescent colours, mostly in yellow, orange or green base with the reflective tape stripes on the arms, waist and knees. So the most important thing to consider while washing the hi-vis uniform is to retain the vibrancy of the base fabric and protect the reflective stripes from chipping or losing the gloss. Usually, the hi-vis jackets and trousers labels have special instructions for washing and cleaning the piece of clothing. Also, the trustworthy brands suggest the number of washes for a hi-vis uniform and after that must discard it and buy a new one for safety sake.

Here are some Hi-Vis Jackets:

Adult Hi-VIs Biomotion Jacket

Mens Hi-Vis Tricot Jacket

Hi-Vis Breathable Rain Jacket

Hi-Vis Freezer Jacket

Vic Road Longline Jacket

So the instructions need to be followed. Other than that, three main factors can keep a uniform usable and fast in colours for a long time, i.e. multiple washes, the temperature of the water and PH value of the detergent you are using for washing and cleaning. So here we are sharing some tips to maintain your hi-vis uniform well.

Before a Wash 

Many people take off their hi-vis uniform after long work hours and throw it in the washing bucket. The first tip is not to roll your jacket or trouser, and the preferable idea is to hang them properly. The benefit of doing so is seeing any dust or mud stains on the apparel. You should dust it immediately and wipe it with soft linen. Hanging clothes also neatly smooth out the crease from the clothes.

Tips Before Wash Hi-Vis Jacket
Tips Before Wash Hi-Vis Jacket

Temperature Of Water

The water temperature for the hi-vis clothing wash must be lukewarm to help remove the stains effectively. But high-temperature washing is not recommended because the rapid temperature change weakens the fabric and the layer of reflective tape, and it loses its gloss soon.

Temperature Check Before Washing
Temperature Check Before Washing

pH Level of Detergent

The detergent and washing soap should not exceed PH level 11 in any condition because it erodes the fabric threads and decolours the reflective tape due to excessive and prolonged alkalinity.

pH Level of Detergent is Important
pH Level of Detergent is Important

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Multiple Washes

Multiple washes are inevitable, but the main reason is that the colours of base fabric and the brightness of reflective tape fades away. Try to reduce the washing and instead wipe and dust the uniform regularly to stretch the life of your hi-vis apparel.

Avoid Multiple Wash
Avoid Multiple Wash

Round Off

The hi-vis uniform is specialized and considered an essential part of PPE for the health, safety and security service providers. They are designed to be highly visible at night, in the crowd, or any hazardous situation. This article provides tips about washing a hi-vis uniform and consider some essential points that extend the vibrancy and life of your apparel.

Reference: Australian/New Zealand Standard™ for High visibility safety garments

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