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How To Wash Your Workwear To Make Them Last Longer

How To Wash Your Workwear To Make Them Last Longer?

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Many substances can leave their mark on workwear, firefighter suits, and protective clothing, including smoke, oil, dirt, dust, and greasy deposits. Washing your workwear and maintaining the protection and high visibility properties of hi-vis and technical clothing is imperative to comply with industry standards.

It is dangerous to wear any protective clothing or workwear left in this unclean condition. You may ask why. Well, in the case of high visibility workwear, the luminous colors and reflective tape get dull, making it unsafe while making the garments unlawful. 

For example, a traffic control officer wearing a Hi-vis vest with reflective tape is pretty much damaged or worn out. There is a possibility that someone coming from a distance at night might not notice and go straight through. OR someone working in an industrial area where there are dangerous chemicals. Therefore, removing toxic substances in protective clothing is crucial to ensure they are suitable for purpose and reused.

How to wash and take care of your Workwear
How to wash and take care of your Workwear

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It’s considered a good practice to always stick with the washing instructions for a particular product if you want to ensure that your workwear maintains its original functionality and comfort. It is always clearly noted in the product’s care label instructions for washing it, especially when dealing with safety functionality in workwear. As you know, garments covered in harmful toxins or dirt have a high liability of reducing visibility, and other fabric properties lead to a cautious outcome.

For Example, Washing flame-retardant workwear poorly can put you at risk since it can entirely or partly reduce the effectiveness of the workwear’s protective properties. Everyday washing assures that the garments do not possess any flammable chemicals or dirt that may risk the protective properties.

Care Label for Workwear
Care Label for Workwear

Wash Your Workwear To Make It Last Longer

  • Make sure not to wash workwear with bleach or any other products as they tend to lower the reflective clothing properties.
  • The best way to wash greasy work clothes is by soaking them in hot water and applying them with aloe vera gel and washing them with warm water. 
  • Don’t just sit back and watch and let the dirt stay on the surface of your clothes for too long. Schedule regular wash and ensure to get it cleaned time by time before the dirt becomes harder to remove. 
  • Washing hi-vis clothing separately helps prevent dyes from other clothing from harming the fabric’s visibility. Reflective tape on hi-vis gear limits the number of washes it can undergo.  
  • Always stick to the instructions mentioned; for instance, unbutton the clothing, zip up, check out the pockets, so they don’t have any objects, and flatten out the collars and cuff. Also, make sure your gear is washed inside and out.
  • Some work clothes are made of such fabrics that require hand washing instead of machine washing. Because of the instructions mentioned on the label, there’s a risk that the fabrics can get dull, damaged or loosened.  
  • While wearing a work uniform, it’s a good practice to give it a rest, as we all need time off to stay sharp. Similarly, give it a little rest before it’s worn again, letting it have some air to keep it new for a while. 
  • Lastly, don’t make this mistake while you are tired of throwing your workwear straight into the dryer, as this can end up causing shrinkage. That’s why the “care label” exists to give you a heads-up. Well, hanging your clothing away from direct sunlight is the most effective way to dry it.
How To Wash Your Workwear
How To Wash Your Workwear

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How Often Should You Clean Your Work Uniform?

 A rough and useful principle is that no more than 50 washes should be performed. Nevertheless, much depends on how badly the fabric has been soiling and worn. This fabric will always maintain its flame-retardant properties.

Should I Wash My Clothes After Every Wear?

According to reports, We can probably let our clothes go without laundering for a few days, mostly if we work from home. “It’s probably OK to wait for two to four wearing before washing something after wearing it for a few hours and not sweating. 

How Often Should I Wash My Work Pants?

Well, that depends on the type of pants you go for, what you do while wearing them, and how often you wear them. Dress slacks can be worn four or five times before they need to be washed, as can jeans. But when it comes to hi-vis clothing, you should wash it only if the color intensity is influenced.


In the end, when it comes to washing your work wear/work clothing. There’s no hard fast rule that you can’t comprehend if all you are required to do is follow the mentioned guidelines that are mostly included in your uniform in the form of a tag or care label. Following these instructions related to how to wash, what sort of substance or detergents, what to avoid, and how to dry them off so they can last longer.

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