Basic Guide to Sustainable Workwear Australia 2023
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Basic Guide to Sustainable Workwear Australia 2023

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Finding ethical and sustainable attire that is formal enough to wear to work can be challenging!

In today’s world, dressing professionally can often come with a high environmental cost. Finding both sustainable and ethical office-appropriate attire can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Sustainable workwear options can achieve the perfect balance of style and sustainability. 

This can range from well-tailored blazers to modest dresses and everything in between. By choosing sustainable workwear, you can positively impact the environment while also looking your best at work.

In this article, we have compiled a list of Australian sustainable workwear brands offering stylish and eco-friendly options for formal and casual office attire. By supporting these brands, you can enhance your professional wardrobe and make a positive difference for the planet.

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Etiko’s t-shirts are produced and manufactured in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, which is not typically viewed as having strong worker protections. However, Etiko ensures that every step of their supply chain adheres to Australian fair trade standards to improve the living conditions of their employees. Also, they have earned multiple honours for ethical and sustainable production. 


Afends’ T-shirts are made from hemp, which grows more quickly and consumes less water than cotton. In addition, they have worked closely with the airlines, shipping lines, and haulage firms who deliver their products to ensure that all manufacturing shipments are now carbon neutral.

Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf tailors its sustainable office clothing to each individual’s specifications, ensuring no extra stock is discarded. Their fabric is knitted at one of Melbourne’s last remaining knitting mills, and their outfits are manufactured in Sydney. As a result, offcuts are transformed into scarves, yarn, and even tote bag-making kits!


Arnsdorf was the first major Australian fashion label to receive B Corporation Certification. Each item contains information about the people involved in its creation, from the designer to the machinists. In addition, they guarantee lifetime repairs on all garments to ensure the durability of their products.

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It may appear to be a simple T-shirt, yet even this common item raises numerous ethical and environmental concerns. Although the fashion industry frequently prioritises profits over people and the environment, many firms attempt to do better with our wardrobe essentials if we are prepared to ask the right questions.

Ten Tree

What’s unique about this brand is that ten trees are planted for every item of apparel purchased.

This is done to regenerate ecosystems, sequester carbon, and create global employment in the planting industry. In addition, their apparel uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. They provide a list of all its factories and a code of conduct to ensure ethical production.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert’s use of responsible supply chains with artisan-made, pure and low-impact materials, thoughtful packaging, and circularity demonstrates their commitment to sustainability. In addition to high-quality, carefully crafted investment items, they also have a pre-owned store called ReAmour, where you can find gently used pieces from previous seasons at reasonable costs.


Boody produces a vast assortment of apparel essentials, from t-shirts to socks and underwear, utilising material woven from bamboo that is naturally anti-bacterial and pesticide-free. In addition, they demand that all factories they work with sign their Code of Conduct, emphasising the significance of safe and fair working conditions.


Cuyana is a brand synonymous with premium sustainability, with a “fewer, better” mentality that is well-known among enthusiasts of capsule wardrobes. Beautiful neutral palettes, luxurious materials, and classic styles can be found at this store, which specialises in timeless, elegant, and fashionable clothing.

Take the next step towards an eco-friendly professional wardrobe and visit Garment Printing today. With a wide selection of sustainable workwear options that can be customised to your liking, you’ll be able to enhance your professional outfit while positively impacting the environment. Don’t wait any longer; head to Garment Printing and create your ideal sustainable work wardrobe.

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