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Caring for Your Hoodies- Best Practices for Machine Washing
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Caring for Your Hoodies: Best Practices for Machine Washing

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Hoodies are the most fashionable and comfy apparel in your closet that requires careful washing. Every garment is durable if they are correctly maintained. Proper washing is a crucial factor in extending the longevity of a hoodie. By taking care to wash and care for your garment, you can ensure that you can continue to enjoy your favourite oversized hoodie for a longer time.

How to Maintain a Hoodie to Last Longer?

If you want your clothing to last longer, the garments must be washed, sanitised, and pressed to preserve the materials’ quality and keep them presentable over time.

Before washing and cleaning your hoodie, consider whether you will use a washing machine or wash it by hand, as this is essential in ensuring that your hoodie is thoroughly cleaned.

The majority of people attach memories to their attire. For example, the old shawl in your closet may evoke memories of your grandma, who enjoyed crocheting them for you. Therefore, wash it with care to ensure that your favourite zip-up hoodie remains soft and comfortable for a long time.

Essential Tips for Preserving Your Delicate Hoodies

Examine the Care Label

Always check the label before washing your hoodie. It is essential to observe the care symbols to prevent clothing from shrinking or degrading. Washing wool and silk on the Wool setting is necessary because it is gentler on the fabric.

Care Label on a Hoodie
Care Label on a Hoodie

Avoid Using Fabric Softener or Bleach

Both can cause sequins and glitter to fade or wrinkle.

Wash By Hand

Washing clothes with sequins, beads, or other embellishments is the safest way. Add lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle detergent in a tub. Soak your hoodie for five minutes.

Next, swish the hoodie in the water and use your hands or a brush to remove any stubborn stains. Finally, squeeze the water out of the garment and empty the sink or tub.

Washing the Hoodie by Hand
Washing the Hoodie by Hand

Then, refill the tub with cold, clean water and agitate the garments until you feel all the soap has been removed. Squeeze excess liquid from the garments and hang them to dry.

Wash Delicately in Cold Water.

Faster and hotter cycles degrade the quality of the fabric and can result in fading, shrinkage, or the loss of sequins/glitter. Instead, set your washing machine to its eco or hand wash setting and reduce the temperature to 30 degrees or below; it will clean your clothes without harming them.

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Close the Zippers or Buttons and Turn Them Inside Out

This will aid in keeping sequins intact and reduce the likelihood of their shedding in the wash.

Spot-Clean or Use a Fabric Freshener

Occasionally, hoodies do not require a thorough cleaning, especially if worn for a few hours. Instead, spot-clean stains or underarms with soap and water in the sink and hang them to dry. Spray only the garment’s interior if you use a freshening fabric spray. This is because sprays can fade the colour of fabrics and sequins.

Treat Stains First

Do not immediately place stained clothes in a high-temperature, energy-intensive wash cycle. Both soda water and salt can be used to remove red wine stains effectively.

Dry Cleaner.

If you’re hesitant about washing your clothes and don’t want to risk damaging them, take them to a dry cleaner. The professionals will know how to clean your silk shirt and remove those stubborn stains from your party attire. In addition, they will return your garments in a moth-resistant bag.

Air Dry

Avoid using a dryer and air-dry your clothes instead. The rapid rotation of a tumble dryer can loosen embellishments such as sequins, and the high temperature can cause such problems as shrinking, fading, and increased microfiber release. Instead, hang them up to dry.

Drying the hoodie with Help of Air Dryer
Drying the hoodie with Help of Air Dryer

Avoid Bleach

Bleach is used to sanitise, cleanse, and eliminate strong clothing stains. As your clothes are susceptible to bacteria due to excessive perspiration and the surrounding environment, you should always sanitise even printed garments.

Therefore, do not use bleach, as bleach is a powerful laundry chemical that can destroy not only the fibres of your linen but also the substance of your print design. It can remove its layers, thinning, cracking, or softening the print and discolouring the print itself.

A few minor details can effectively contribute to the durability of your hoodie while maintaining its comfort and style. You can try out the exclusive collection of Garment Printing made from high-quality materials to provide you with the comfort and style you require.

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